Solar Eclipse on 15 Jan 2010

I predicted that the period between 1st Jan and 15th Jan would be turbulent. There were cold waves and unprecedented snow in UK. Average temperatures recorded were one of the lowest since records began. This was also the case in several countries around the world.

An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 on the Richter scale struck Haiti devastating the capital Port-au-Prince. Upto 200,000 people are feared dead. If you would like to donate, please do so at the Red Cross website

Earlier on this month, a suicide bomber was responsible for the killing of over 100 people in Pakistan.

And to top it all, Gordon Brown launched his election campaign and UK started the year with a budget deficit of £178 Billion. I wonder how many zeroes that has !

I also said earlier this month that Mercury goes forward on 15th January on the day of the solar eclipse. Here is an interesting video on the solar eclipse.

This indicates new beginnings and improved communications. If you haven’t made your new year resolutions, now would definitely be a good time to make them as you are more likely to be able to stick to them.

I have an eye on the stock market and will come back with an update later.